Saturday, May 14, 2011

Humpty Dumpty or Umpty Umpty

William loves Humpty Dumpty (or or Umpty Umpty) and loves to get dressed up in his finest. As I was drawing this out William insisted on many things such as: top hat, bow tie, gloves, a feather in his hat, a mustache, and ears. I've never seen a Humpty Dumpty with ears or mustache, but I have to admit, I quite like the British Dandy look.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Kid's B-Days & Halloween 2011

This is an attempt to catch up with the important events I missed. The Poodle Cake is for Emma's 7th B-Day and the Pirate Ship Cake is for William's 5th. William had a Buzz costume to go with Emma's Jessie, but felt more like a Knight the day of this party.

October 2010 Old Tucson

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Art Critics & Inspiration

As I was building this piece, prior to the birds being attached, Emma commented, "What is she reaching for? Is she trying to catch a cat?"

William responded, "No, she is singing, (now singing loudly) I love the sky, I love the sky!"

And with this inspiration I named the piece "Of This I Sing".

William's Funny Thoughts

Burton gave me a beautiful orchid for Valentines Day. William looked at the flowers and said, "It has a mouth and sharp teeth, will it bite me?"

William watching Snow White & The Seven Dwarves:"That's Happy, Doc, and Allergic."

WIlliam stating things he knew, "Some people are allergic to cats, like you mom, some people are allergic to flowers, some people are allergic to camels".

William watching Mr. Mogorium's Wonder Emporium: "Look it's Curtain the Frog".

The Brand New Baby T-Rex